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Acaira Technologies Pvt. Ltd provides Website,SEO,Business 2 Business Software Service in Mumbai & has done a great job done by using E-commerce as a tool to carry out Business 2 Business model. Our website follows the B2B business model and sells its product to an intermediate buyer, then the buyer sells it to the final customer. If we take an example like a wholesaler places an order which is from a company's website and then after getting the consignment again sells the end product to the final customer who then comes to buy that end product at the wholesaler's retail outlet. Business 2 Business implies that the seller along with the buyer is a business entity. Business 2 Business usually covers a huge number of applications which in turn enables the business to create relationships with their suppliers, distributors, resellers, etc. The main items in Business 2 Business Ecommerce are, electronics, shipping, and warehousing, petrochemicals, motor vehicles, paper, food, office products, agriculture.


Following points are the key technologies usually used in Business2Business E-commerce initiated by Acaira:


Business 2 Business Software
  • Our firm has Electronic Data Interchange, which is an inter-organizational exchange of business documents in a machine processable and structured and format.
  • We have Internet which represents the World Wide Web or in other words network of networks which can connect computers all over the world.
  • An intranet that we have can represent a dedicated network of computers in a single organization.
  • Acaira has Extranet that represents a complete network in which outside business partners, customers or suppliers will have limited access to a part of enterprise intranet/network.
  • Of course, we have Back End information systems, which are database management systems essentially used to manage the data related to business.

There are many architectural models in Business 2 Business E-commerce, such as Supplier Oriented Marketplace, Buyer Oriented Marketplace, and Intermediary Oriented Marketplace. All these models are available with Acaira Technologies Pvt. Ltd and this firm have become a pioneer in the field of E-commerce.