Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a way to reach consumers directly via electronic mail.

Emails can be one of the best ways of marketing. It is one of the most effective tools and hence should be implemented when it comes to promotion. If you are thinking of getting the best Email Marketing Services then head to Acaira Technologies Pvt. Ltd directly without a second thought because we are the best Email Marketing Company in Mumbai.


Here is how we carry on our Email Marketing Service in Mumbai:


Email Marketing in Mumbai
  • We create both HTML and text emails. The choice completely depends on your budget and requirements.
  • Our team of experts designs an eye-catching email for you that will totally tell about your company's aim and goal. The attractive photos along with the great look will make the readers stop and read your email.
  • Along with the email, a sign-up form is attached so that after reading the mail, if any reader wants to join your website then they can do so instantly. Not only the form, there we also add a join through Facebook and twitter link so that the sign-up process becomes easier.
  • The report that is provided by us has clear details about everything. You can easily know how many emails were sent and how many were opened. You can also know how many people responded to the offers and promotions. Hence you can easily calculate the progress rate.
  • Not only do we limit our services to send emails, we also update your latest email offers on the social networking sites so that the service it more extended.

The reason why our Email Marketing in Mumbai is so effective because our team of professionals is experienced and they know the best time to email the people. Moreover, they research the target audience before sending the emails. Our huge rate of success in this field speaks of the great abilities of our professionals.