SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is a technique that uses text messaging to spread promotional messages.

Mobile has become such an integral part of our life that people cannot imagine their life with this device. Whether they are going to have dinner or simply sitting and watching TV, this device remains with them all the time. This is the reason why mobile marketing campaigns have become so effective when it comes to promotion. Reports say that more than 95% of the SMS is opened. Bulk business texts when it comes to health care providers or solutions to e-commerce websites are wonderful ways for building up great relationships with the clients. Here, at Acaira we take up special ways and strategies to give you the best SMS Marketing in Mumbai.


We communicate with an entire contact list through the mobile text or SMS. We do not send SMS to random people. Our team research and target those audiences who can respond to them and prove to be beneficial. We try to offer our customers the best possible outcome from our SMS Marketing in Mumbai.


We send the SMS to the people often with different promotions and special promotions. It is not a good idea to send SMS only once a week or month. This fails to attract the attention. That is why, as a reputed SMS Marketing Company in Mumbai, we keep on sending SMS to the targeted audiences at regular interval.


SMS Marketing in Mumbai  

Not only do we send SMS to the potential audience but also carry out the referral program. Through this, the already existing clients refer to other people and bring customers to your company and we give them benefits. We create a hook and chain system that brings result fast and effective.


To get the attention of the audience towards our SMS, we sometimes send inspirational quotes SMS and fun SMS other than the regular promotion SMS'.


The existing customers are also notified of any billing dates that is near or the expiry of certain schemes. This helps in building a good relationship between you and the clients and can help in expanding your business.