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Acaira Technologies is an IT services, Digital and Business solutions company based in Mumbai (India) providing Customized Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development and IT Consulting Services. We have earned the pride of being one of the leading desktop & web based software solution provider in India, we develop software solution that helps our customers to outperform the competition and stay ahead in today’s competitive business environment. We firmly believe that business needs can be only met when technology is in sync with business process. At Acaira Technologies, we provide multi-dimensional IT services that caters to high-end internet strategy, software development and design solutions for corporate clients all across the globe. We have a wide and varied range of products & services that can suit the divergent needs of our large client base.

We provide services to clients from various industries like Hospitality, Healthcare, Services, Tourism, IT Companies, Infrastructure, Retailers, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Banks & Online Media houses. We understand that for the success of any project Time, Quality and Support has to be top class, for this our planning & quality control team make sure that your projects are very planned & designed to be delivered on time & also the quality of the project is more than what you have expected.

We rapidly transform our self-motivated ideas and concepts into new products and applications along with improving application performance, thus, reducing the complexities of business operations and accelerating the business output or efficiency of our clients.

Our mission is to provide best in class, creative, unique Software Solutions that can solve all our client’s business problems that they face on day to day bases. We provide software & solutions for companies of all sizes and all industry sectors.

We thrive in achieving excellence in providing the best IT solutions to our clients so that they can meet their business needs in the most effective and efficient way.

At Acaira Technologies we focus on high quality & timely delivery of our Services. We provide cost effective and customized solutions.


Our dedicated team provides you solutions that make achieving business objectives easier and in a much efficient way. We provide the highest standard of products to our client base belonging to all verticals. We outsource IT services to different industries across the globe which includes Complex Software Solutions, web application & Other IT services.

Our team members are young and trained. We listen and provide services to our clients that are tailor made for their business. We have sustainable base of clients who trust us for our quality service in the field of Software & Web Application development.

With growing network of ecommerce Websites and business dispersed in the world of internet, the business needs are growing as well. At Acaira Technologies Pvt. Ltd we have developed uptime competence with our clients and have aligned our resources and objectives accordingly so that we can realize synergy during our service and operations. We attain long tern goals in our collaborative approach, emphasis on economic support that has allowed us to develop a unique and talented team with a creative bent of mind and a diverse client base.

With our highly customized and cost effective web solutions we are apt at serving the divergent needs of our global client base. The web solutions we provide here are crafted by our trained and well equipped web professionals who are diligent and proficient enough in striking the right balance between the client requirements and business needs, a solution that is customer oriented yet produce the desired result and business flow. All your web requirements will be solved here. Given below is the list of services we provide you:

Hosting Solutions: We provide web-enabled applications, portal development, customer specific solutions, ERP< CRM, HR Solutions, portal development and other customer specific solutions. We guarantee 99.99% uptime, offline and online support anda customer desk that is at your service 24/7.

Digital Marketing: We provide planning with creativity and marketing strategy to grow your business. Your website will be Search Engine Optimized and other services like pay per click , e-mail marketing and overall digital marketing services

Mobile Solutions: We create and design mobile content to increase customer satisfaction and enhance the branding and drive additional revenue using high-value content and services.

Website Programming: To design websites that are easy to function yet inviting, the web solution provider should know the excellent web programming which Acaira is proficient in.

Logo Design: Our creative graphic designing team designs logos which are captive and defines your business in the most effective way.


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