Medical Management System (MMS 360)

Track, manage and optimize financial and administrative processes with our modern medical management system. It’s a solution designed for a wide array of GCC approved Medical Center environments.

Check Repeat (Desktop Application)

The Candidate Records check repeat functionality is a flexible, fully integrated feature that checks candidate is repeated or not. The repeat checking functionality enables you to manage repeats at the beginning, middle, and end of candidates medical test.

Fit Unfit Sheet (Desktop Application)

After each medical examination, the user updates in the application whether the candidate is fit or unfit to work. Through this, you can generate Fit Unfit Sheet of the candidate.

Fit Unfit Sheet (Web Application)

You can also get Fit Unfit Sheet in the Web application. Select the Branch, Date and click on Search Button you will get the report of candidates. Also, users can send the reports to the administrators or seniors.

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