Medical Management System (MMS 360)

Track, manage and optimize financial and administrative processes with our modern medical management system. It’s a solution designed for a wide array of GCC approved Medical Center environments.

User Management (Web Application)

User Management software is the tool of choice. It makes it easy for administrators to manage user accounts. It offers the simplest way to manage information about local user accounts. It also enables the administrator to reset local user passwords and enable or disable account status.

User Listing (Web Application)

User Management includes a complete infrastructure for managing user entitlements using role based access control (RBAC). Administrators can define roles of every users in User Management. Also, User Management gives you a listing of all the users of the software.

User Privileges (Web Application)

User Management is integrated with the security system. You can restrict what a user can do by applying role-based or level-based permissions. User Privileges also designate the type of access; for example, can data only be view and add or can they be add, view, edit and delete.

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