Medical Management System (MMS 360)

Track, manage and optimize financial and administrative processes with our modern medical management system. It’s a solution designed for a wide array of GCC approved Medical Center environments.

X-Ray Management (Desktop Application)

Our third and the last stage is the X-Ray test. Alike the Lab and the Physical test, the X-Ray test is also being updated by the users once done. Allows the user to subsequently update the X-Ray reports.

X-Ray Management (Web Application)

The X-Ray test once updated by the users in the Desktop application is also being updated in the Web application accordingly. Same as the Lab and the Physical test, you can edit and update the reports here.

X-Ray Management (Web Application)

Get a listing of X-Ray Report and find a Candidate by using the text search filter. Then select the Candidate to view, edit or delete their x-ray details.

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