Software Maintenance

Software Maintenance is all about modification and correction of a software product.

Acaira Technologies Pvt Ltd is web solution firm which is well renowned in this field. Especially when it comes to Software Maintenance in Mumbai, there is hardly any firm that can compete with its stature. We at Acaira Technologies Pvt Ltd know that Software Maintenance is all about modification and correction of a software product and of course after delivery. As a result, the performance of the software product is improved. Our firm is aware of the fact that Software Maintenance is versatile activity that deals with capability enhancements; obsolete capabilities are deleted and optimized. Acaira is the company that preserves the value of a software product over the time. This is done by increasing the customer base and fulfilling additional requirements. Software Maintenance in Mumbai is primarily done by Acaira Technologies Pvt Ltd and they make it sure that mechanisms should be developed for controlling, evaluation and making modifications.


Acaira Technologies Pvt Ltd has categorized maintenance activities like this:


Software Maintenance in Mumbai
  • Adaptive activity – modifying the total system to cope with the changes that usually occur in the software environment
  • Perfective activity – implementing changed or new user requirements which generally concern the functional enhancements to the delivered software.
  • Corrective activity –fixing and diagnosing errors, usually found by the users.
  • Preventive activity – increasing software reliability so that there would be no problems in the future.

Software Maintenance planning by Acaira


The most important part of the software is no doubt maintenance part. For which an accurate maintenance plan is needed to be prepared while developing software. Our firm, Acaira make plans about how users will report problems or request modifications. In terms of cost estimation and resource planning our Software Maintenance Service in Mumbai is the best.


Software Maintenance processes by Acaira


We are the best Software Maintenance Company in Mumbai. Our firm has implementation process that contains transition and software penetration activities, for example, creation and conception plan; the plan for dealing problems that are identified usually during development, and then the follow up on configuration management of the product.