12 Web Development Trends you must know about in 2016

12 Web Development Trends you must know about in 2016

12 Web Development Trends you must know about in 2016

This year will be promising for web developers with some latest trends:

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things has developed the app world and will continue to grow between 2015 and 2019. IoT has able to transfer data easily through linking smart objects and with time more upgraded solutions will emerge to communicate with gadgets.


  1. Motion User Interface

Motion User Interface emerged last year and is going to stay for long. It is actually a Sass library which is one of the Foundations for Apps by Zurb. Motion UI makes the transition of the apps smooth.


  1. New Responsive Design

New technologies are coming to market which means advanced platforms will be up for use. Advanced devices, integrated wearable gadgets, screen and new design framework are in demand and will continue to grow.


  1. Foundation for Apps

Foundation for Apps that will be used by many companies is actually single page app framework for quick and easy web app creation allowing the developers to write unique codes for the application.


  1. Rise in Real-time

As the mobile and desktop apps are rapidly using the Real-time analytics for live streaming and other uses, this year will see an increase in its use.


  1. IDEs

Cloud-based versions of IDEs are being used nowadays, which are fast and highly accessible. They are flexible to use and are available to use full-time or not.


  1. Full-screen navigation design

Designers and developers are using the full-screen navigation designs for the sites for mobile devices. This trend is very much in use.


  1. Blocking of advertising site

A number of techniques will be developed for websites that can avoid the effects of ad-blocking plugins thereby reducing the effect of ad-blocking.



  1. Use of Containers

Docker is the container service which allows the developer to create, run and test the app quickly anywhere. This will continue to develop for the better in future.


  1. Better Security

As the mobile devices are prone to security breaches thus efforts will increase to make the apps more secured and safe.


  1. Bots as standard UX

Bots are now in use in many popular apps including Facebook, WeChat etc. making the use easier.


  1. Power of browser

JavaScript has made the browser more powerful and has become the most popular programming language of this year.