WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp for Business

Mobile phones have become the third hand of humans since the advent of technological success. With one small device, you could be taken away from reality into the world of music, news, games, chatting and many more exciting things that can make you forget where you are!


Promised Land for SME’s:

With most of the people living in the virtual world, businesses needed to develop tactics to endorse their brands via the devices. One of the platforms for effective marketing turned out to be WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business users can create a detailed business profile including the company’s website, location and contact information. This is essentially used to communicate better with the customers and help with your company’s growth. This app can be constructively made use of by SMEs and SMBs.


WhatsApp for Business India


Profitable Prosperity- WhatsApp Business:


  • Secured Platform:

WhatsApp Business was introduced with its own unique and tweaked logo that assured all users of the dealer’s authenticity. The customers are guaranteed of the reliability of the business and hence can worry less about any fraudulent activities that might occur. The users even have the option of blocking or spamming the account in case of any illegal activities or discomfort of any kind.


  • Marketing via Mind and Hand:

Almost every smartphone user has a WhatsApp account. This can be used to accelerate the promotion of the business to all the users. They can easily market their services and products in groups and worry less about the target audience in other social Media as most of the crowd is already listening to your sale. The reach through this platform is far better than any others.


  • The Customer Magnet:

Marketing through WhatsApp avoids the hassle caused to the customers for enquiring about your product or service. A simple query in the chat box can fetch them valuable answers directly from the business. This straightaway contact makes the communication easier and builds more trust on your company. Customer relationship after the sale can be maintained by getting feedback and suggestions without having them to go to your website.


  • Simplicity for Easy conversations:

The WhatsApp for Business works in the style of a chat box and hence the communication between the business and customer can be made much easier and simpler. Greeting messages posted to the customer can ensure good business reputation on the platform. The doubts and order clarity can be cleared through WhatsApp messages. This will credit for a personal care for the customers to the business.


  • Creativity for Evolution:

WhatsApp for business has helped many small and emerging organizations to use this platform as a cost-effective marketing method to gain more loyal customers. Other than the usual business and marketing tactics, many SME’s have developed creative marketing methods to make it easy for the customer to make a purchase. Some examples are:

  • Medical consultation purposes used by family doctors.
  • Government Services like the Police used this to receive complaints in a quick and recordable manner.
  • The Gujarat State Road transport introduced this to receive feedback and suggestions from passengers.
  • Online food ordering can be done by just sending a WhatsApp message to the local restaurant.
  • Simple Errand-running Businesses like cake booking, courier service etc., became widely popular with just a message.


With WhatsApp Business on the roll, we can essentially state that WhatsApp is no longer meant only for chatting, but it performs the task of empowering all kinds of businesses.