Difference between Static and Dynamic Website

Difference between Static and Dynamic Website

Difference between Static and Dynamic Website

A Static Website is the one whose content can only be changed by the developer by making changes in the source code. On the other hand, a Dynamic Website can allow the owner to update the content of the website.

Static and Dynamic Website

Static Websites

Static Websites basically it looks simple with simple information about the company. These are very cost-effective to develop and usually smaller companies use this for their website. A Static Website is made up of series of HTML files where each one represents one page of the website.


·         The Static Websites are very cheap to develop hence are used mainly by smaller companies to make their presence online.

·         Theses websites are very easy to develop. Hence the time taken to create such websites is quite less.

·         The Static Website is also very cheap to host over the internet.


·         The Static Website has the drawback of requiring the help of a web developer every time the content needs to be updated. This is quite annoying as well as involves cost and time.

·         As the Static Website requires the expertise of web developer ever time updating is required, the content thus might get dormant for a period of time.

·         The site might not be as useful to users.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic sites could be expensive to create but have plenty of benefits for the company. The Dynamic Websites uses the server technologies like PHP to build a webpage dynamically when the user visits the page.


·          It is easy to update the design of several pages at once as each part of the webpage is separate from another.

·         Content can be updated easily using content management system. This allows any non-technical person to change the content.

·         It makes the website more useful and draws the users with new content.


·         The developing of the websites requires a lot of time and effort. It is also expensive to create Dynamic Website.

·         Cost of hosting is also high here.

Static vs Dynamic Websites

It depends on the requirement whether to use Static or Dynamic Websites. Dynamic Websites definitely have benefits over static ones but you can deny the fact that Dynamic Web sites are not affordable by all.