Why ASP.NET is Essential for Web Development

Why ASP.NET is Essential for Web Development

Why is ASP.NET Essential for Web Development?

ASP.NET is one web application framework used basically to design and develop active web pages. Released first in January 2002 as version 1.0 of the .NET framework, this was the successor of ASP or Active Source Page technology by Microsoft. The open source server-side web application is built on Common Language Runtime (CLR) which allows the programmers to develop the web pages by writing the codes in any .NET language.


Why ASP.NET is Essential for Web Development?



Reasons for Choosing ASP.NET for Web Development


  • ASP.NET developed by Microsoft was previously not open source project. But now it has become open source product. It is also now a cross-platform solution which allows it to be used to develop web applications on any platform like MAC.


  • The syntax used to write the code for the web page in ASP.NET is simple and short and easy to interpret. It is quite easy and fast to create programming in ASP.NET as compared to other languages.


  • It is believed that the ASP.NET is expensive, but the fact is although there is an initial investment, there is a saving for every month. You don’t need to install Windows for it because of Mono project. Also, the necessary software to develop ASP.NET development including Web Platform Installer is available for free.


  • ASP.NET is available in different packages to suit the need of the individual. It is possible to use the ASP.NET to create a project for small business and with time as the project grows, use the MVC framework model to change the application.


  • ASP.NET is much secured as compared to other technologies.


  • It offers tools like WebMatrix for beginners for free. These tools are competitive and much better and come with built-in SQL Server CE and SQL Server Manager to manage the database.


  • It allows you to create classes of the data and then take care of the data using the classes. This removes the worry of side code.


  • As ASP.NET is the implementation of the .NET framework over internet and websites, it allows you to develop many projects and run on the same server.